Saturday, July 31, 2010

Phoenix Trip: Part 4

Wednesday is all about heading down to Tucson. It is a bit of a

lazy morning. I am up by 9:30am and mostly just chillin' out, in the

air conditioning of course. My first priority is Dunkin' Donuts. It

is a must have for me. Every time I'm in PHX I get my fill at least

twice. I waited for everyone to wake so I surf around on the Internet

looking at some skate videos, mostly Tom Penny thanks to Bobby and

re-watching Rodney Mullen from the Ground Up. I love watching tech

street skating videos. By the time everyone is up several hours later

I am really getting antsy for donuts. I grab my Schwinn Cruiser and

start to head out to get my fix. Billy stops me and says that he can

drive me because he needs to go to the sign shop right next door to

get a banner made for some up coming Jamaica shows. Both Harb and

Ryan have to work so we are looking to get into Tucson around 4:00pm

so to fill and kill a little time we pop in Intrikat's Background

video on VHS. I have been fiending to see the Mark Gonzales intro and

the epic Phil Dolan piece that is perfectly matched with Dredg for

the longest time. I only half remember all of what is in the video

itself. I was stoked to be able to peep out all of the sickness that

goes down in that vid, it has been awhile. It is also interesting to

see a piece of the evolution that Chad has experienced in order to get

to the whole pegless thing.

So finally we are off. A quick stop for gas, Dairy Queen snacks

and an hour and a half of driving until we are at Harb's apartment

complex. We follow Harb toward Ryan's apartment to get everything

organized. We sit and chat a Ryan's for a few. Richard and I start

peeping out the little bit of flat history Ryan has on a shelf. He

has the original ACS RL freecoaster hub and also the first KHE

freecoaster pretty sick to see. He also has an old Suntour shell that

he welded some of his own flanges on to not exactly a precision job.

HEHE But he said it got the job done. Nice.

So the Home Depot by Ryan's is one of the spots they frequent. It

is of the asphalt variety. It is pretty roomy and not a lot of cars

to have to deal with either. There really wasn't a whole lot of warm

up it seems for the session. I always like to do some stretching

because it allows me to ride harder much quicker and helps from

getting hurt too. Anyway, Richard and I started snapping some photos

right off the bat. Before you know it, it kind of becomes an

impromptu photo session. I click some of Richard working that back

wheel with some pivot links. Then he shoots some of me doing some

wheelchair variations. I shoot some of Billy as he throw some links

and works on getting a feel for one footed surfers (Scurfer)again.

Brett rips through a couple links on the front wheel. Richard and

Harb also take turns doing some iPhone shots and filming too. Ryan's

busting out his high speed deathtrucks and hitchhiker whips and just

commanding it.

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