Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life at the Rose Garden.

We just started riding regularly at the Rose Garden at USC campus. USC is located near South Central LA. It's a dope spot. It's got shade, good surface, it's a centralized location for most riders to meet, people are hanging out enjoying the science center and the garden.
It's all good, but once in a while some riff raff might come through. It's LA, so you have to expect these things....never a dull moment.

Last weekend, Richard, Ahmed, and I rode all day at the garden. By the day's end, we were exhausted. While chilling out for the cool down, the cops roll up....

I'm thinking, "Ok, here it is. Theses guys want to flex and kick us out."
They pull the squad car up on the spot and stop right in front of us and jump out...

...and tell these four other dudes,walking out of the garden to get their hands up.
I guess they were tagging or something. We just chilled while these dudes got cuffed up, stuffed up, thats tuff luck...

We just silently rolled out, to avoid any further drama and went to eat dinner. LA life!

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