Friday, March 26, 2010

I met Bob Haro!

The other day, Fat took Chad Johnston and I to the Transworld Media Headquarters in Carlsbad, California. Bob Haro and skateboarder Chris Miller lead a discussion about being an entrepreneur in the action sports industry. If you don't know who Bob Haro is, he's the guy who started all this trick stuff on BMX bikes. If you read this blog, Bob Haro is the reason.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

SPOT CHECK: The Globe Spot.

While the boys were in town, they decided to take a trip to Long Beach to ride. This spot is the globe spot. It's got the planet etched into the ground. So you are actually riding around the world! It was a good session, Chad Johnston came out and Fat rode too!

Afterwards, we rolled out to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Yes, this is the restaurant Biggie Smalls raps about. Why these guys were hiding out in the bushes at Roscoe's, I don't know, but the waffles are real tasty!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Biz!

In LA everybody's trying to get up in the biz. Show Biz that is....One thing you should know about riding in LA, is every so often your spot may get taken over by film crew trucks, dressing room trailers, etc. Gabe Kadmiri gets a taste of 'the biz' at the Studio City Spot.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swarm the Streets! and Return of the Flatlanders

Swarm the streets is a street jam that happens once in while in downtown LA. Every each event has about 200 street riders and about 5 or 6 flatlanders in there representing. This time we had Ryan Russel, Chad Johnston, Ahmed Johnson, Vegas Mike, and myself out there, throwing down quick sessions at the various stops along the course.

After we finished swarming, it was still light out, so I drove by Studio City to see if anyone was there. As of matter of fact, Ed Nussbaum, Bo Wade, Jowii, and Richard Agauyo were out there, so I joined the session. Soon after the session gets underway, Shayne Kajehnoori blows up my cellie, saying that he and his crew will be back in LA, shortly. About an hour later, here comes Shayne, Darin Wright, Gabe Kadmiri, and Steven Hearne in the conversion luxury van.

These guys have linked up and are on tour around the US. They just spent the last few days in Norcal, checking out the redwoods, etc. Now they 're back in LA for a few days of sessioning until they roll out to Vegas.

After the session, I took these guys up to Griffith Park Obervatory where you can really see how expansive LA really is.....along with the rest of the universe.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Saturday Session at Studio City

Once again, we had some unexpected guests drop by the Studio City spot today.
You want to ride? We ride! Come down to Studio City Lot and get the jump off on the session!

One of the men behind Innertwine Clothing, "Vegas Mike", threw down some combos before his leg swelled up from the g-forces of his spins. He's in town for tomorrow's "Swarm the Streets" event.

I worked on some new turbine combos.

Another guest, Jason Wassum, from Rowland Heights, made an appearance to work on getting some of his tricks back into shape.

A couple of hours later, resident rider and legend, Bill Freeman, rolled up to show us some whiplash variations.
If you weren't aware, Bill invented the Cliffhanger. Yes.

Then, the youngest resident rider, Jowii, rolled up later in the evening and demonstrated his mastery of lungspins!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Invasion from the East!

LA has a lot of a lotta things...sunny days, beaches, cars, pollution, police know, the usual. However, lately we've had a lot flatland visitors! The following is a rundown of people who have made the trek to LA for a flatland session!

Yo boy, Daisuke, from the far east....Osaka, Japan to be exact.

We introduced Daisuke to American style of eating. This sandwich is bigger than him!

Gabe Kadmiri and Stephen Hearne came out to enjoy some session time at the beach!

Shayne Kajehnoori and Darin Wright came from Georgia for some sushi and a session!
That's your boy, Richard Aguayo, on the far right entertaining the guests.

The DUKE! Royalty graced us with his presence on his journey around the States and Canada.
(Peep the Duke on the far left.)

Travis Collier! Our man from the north has been here twice in the last two months!

Check his video from Vancouver!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Let's set it off!

Yo! Yo! Testing 123... west coast to the you read me?....
Welcome to "FlatMode," a blog to share the life and times of flatlanders around the west coast area.

To set it off with the first post, I would like to introduce you to the LA flatland scene with a video, directed by Ahmed Johnson, entitled "LA Flatland Metropolitan"

LA Flatland Metropolitan from Ahmed Johnson on Vimeo.

This video depicts a fragment of the urban lifestyle and art of flatland bmx in Los Angeles