Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flatland Scene: Bangkok Thailand

The Thailand Scene is going strong! Check your boys "X" and "Golf" as they tear it up in Suan Lum Park in Bangokok!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Web Channels on Diversion TV!

Diversion TV just launched a new page on the site. You can watch videos from over 400 web channels from You-tube to Vimeo to Hulu and more! The videos are updated throughout the day and they are organized similar to an ipod. You can see the latest videos uploaded or access a list of all the videos of a particular channel. It also allows you to save a list of your favorite videos and/or favorite channels. You can also embed Diversion TV free videos like this one below!

Check out the BMX collection at:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Video Preview: DeJa Vu by Simon O'Brien!

My boy Simon O'Brien has be on silent mode for while, but he's been hard at work producing his second solo video, "Deja Vu"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend with Ganji!

The Ganji US Tour ended as they rolled into Socal for a few sessions in LA.

We hit up the Hamilton Highschool spot, but were quickly shut down by some cops flexing on us!

What's a rider got to do to catch a session around here?!!

The next day we returned to our usual Studio City spot for an all day, uninterrupted session.

Tom brought his son, Tim out and taught him steam rollers!

New Blood!

Dad's doing steamrollers around Junior!

Nelson is from the Freestylin' era and lived right in the middle of all the 80's action in Torrance. It's 2010 and still busting!

Ganji, Baby! Recognize!

Throughout the day about 13 riders visited the Studio City Lot.

Richard took a break from fixing up his Civic to mix it up with the Ganji Crew.

I got some back wheel action going on...

Check other happenings on the last stop of the Ganji Tour on their blog!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

JomoPro, Part 2

Welcome to Joplin!

The "Jukebox" was a bar/night club across the street from our hotel. Effraim C. from the UK, checking out the nightlife in Joplin.
Go ahead and click on the picture so you can get a feel for what we're working with!

More BMX Legends sighted in the Jukebox!
Chad Degroot and Scott Powell.

Back at the Jomo Pro, Pat used this zamboni to clean the floor!

Ryan Russel representing in the Jam circle!

Woke up in the morning and looked out the hotel window and the session was well underway!

On the way home, Chad and Amy Johnston were on the same plane!

All in all, JomoPro was a really fun event. It's always good to get riders from all over the world to jam together.
Aight, then, 'till the next episode!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

JomoPro, Part 1

The second annual JomoPro flatland competition went down in Joplin, Missouri last weekend.
They had a lot of international riders attending and a lot of west coast riders were out there representing.

The following is a random pictorial of things that happened on my journey to middle america!

Left the Lab at 4:00AM for Jomo Pro!

Arrived in Kansas City, MO. A van full of BMX legends picked me up from the airport!

JoWii and the Ganji Crew were outside the venue representing!

As usual sessions outside the venue continued until dark!
Isaiah Jordan repping!

Ucchie came by himself all the way from Tokyo, Japan!

The view from the judges' stand!

Stay Tuned for JomoPro, Part 2!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

BMX Plus Photo Shoot!

I have to give props where props is due...word up to the crew at BMX Plus! magazine. They have not missed an issue since they started and they are fully behind flatland. They aren't on any "star system" and really connect with the flatland community whenever we call. If you are busting out, it doesn't matter if you are sponsored or not, they will come through and get the coverage.

So the other day, Mike Robbins said he had a trick he wanted to shoot. A quick call to Plus! and we set up a shoot in downtown LA. Simple as that. Earlier shoots were set up for Ahmed Johnson and Amahl Kaliq. They both received full page photos and were introduced to the rest of the community.

The boys rolled out for a night session with BMX Plus!

Ben Crockett setting up for the shoot with yo' boy, Mike Robbins!

Viki Gomez showed up for the session unexpectedly!

Bo Wade has been putting in work on that back wheel!

It's Hollywood Steve! Yo Hollywood....twizzlers and pizza don't mix, dude!