Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend with Ganji!

The Ganji US Tour ended as they rolled into Socal for a few sessions in LA.

We hit up the Hamilton Highschool spot, but were quickly shut down by some cops flexing on us!

What's a rider got to do to catch a session around here?!!

The next day we returned to our usual Studio City spot for an all day, uninterrupted session.

Tom brought his son, Tim out and taught him steam rollers!

New Blood!

Dad's doing steamrollers around Junior!

Nelson is from the Freestylin' era and lived right in the middle of all the 80's action in Torrance. It's 2010 and still busting!

Ganji, Baby! Recognize!

Throughout the day about 13 riders visited the Studio City Lot.

Richard took a break from fixing up his Civic to mix it up with the Ganji Crew.

I got some back wheel action going on...

Check other happenings on the last stop of the Ganji Tour on their blog!

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