Sunday, October 30, 2011

S&M bikes Halloween Saturday!

This year Holloween fell on a weekend...well, almost...

There was a Holloween session at Ryan Russell's spot on the weekend. 
Ed. N. 

Claude H.


Ryan R.

When somebody leaves their Nisserari, riders get curious. LOL!

That finger bike has been in the sun so long the rim is warped...or does the bike come like that and you have to true the rim??? 

Afterwards we went to S&M bikes headquarters for their Halloween party and thrasher car street session. BMXer's "flip" a Beemer...

S&M Bikes Halloween Party Junker Car Destruction. from FLATmode on Vimeo.

Macho Man and some other wrestler dude, had a match on the roof!

Lalo putting the sick child to good use!

Lalo took over. 

Jinkies! I found Velma!

Jem was truly outrageous!

The aftermath...


Thursday, October 27, 2011

1000 Oaks Fog Session.

Bill and I rolled out to 1k Oaks and the fog rolled in!

Todd Carter met us at his spot. The fog got so heavy that the rider would fade out as he moved toward the other side of the court.




Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hawaii - Random Things part 2.

Pali Mountain vista point with tour guide Kala.

There were tons of these little spots around Oahu where you could swim in clean ocean water.


Yo' boy, on duty, securing Hanauma Bay. All sorts of Ruckus was going down....LOL!

Just barely caught this xB-zee. the official flatland transport.

Here's an air quality comparison:

In picture one, (Los Angeles) a shot of the Hollywood hills from Studio City parking lot on a sunny evening. The hills are a few blocks away, but seem far 'cuz of the diffusion caused by smog.

In picture two, (Hawaii) Diamond Head, is farther away, but it looks like it must be a couple blocks. Crystal clear....

Lookin' for a new lab....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hawaii - Random Things.

Here are some random photos from Hawai'i.

Chillin' with Cuyler and Dennis. There's always someone to hang out with in Hawaii.

Here are some random signs I saw...

A lot of signs in Hawaii have Japanese subtitles.

You can't miss the restrooms at the Honolulu Airport.

The dude in this sushi restaurant's logo doesn't look very "genki" to me...

Don't believe the hype about super expensive food in Hawaii. Yo' boy, Don Quijote, got you covered. Same prices as the mainland. Yogurt was actually cheaper...

HNL (Honolulu International Airport)

On top of being a chill airport, Honolulu International has a huge garden area where you can chill out while waiting for your flight. LAX doesn't have anything like this when you wait for your next fight - I mean "flight!" LOL!

13 years difference....2011 and......


Stay Tuned for Part 2 of Random things in Hawaii.....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Session in Oahu. Back to Makiki Courts!

Quick combo from the last session at Makiki.

Mission to Wallows:

Loaded up the bikes in Kala's car and rolled out to find Wallows...

We found Wallows, but then water started pouring into the ditch so we had to peace out quick! Eeeow!

Back to the courts:
Last session at Makiki Courts.




I was really into checking out spots we don't have in Cali. Here's one called Zippy's.

Zippy's is all over Oahu!

Dave loaded up.

The teriyaki beef and rice was real good at the session.

I've been really busy since I got back, working and riding. The next post I'll show some other random stuff from the trip. Stay tuned....