Sunday, October 30, 2011

S&M bikes Halloween Saturday!

This year Holloween fell on a weekend...well, almost...

There was a Holloween session at Ryan Russell's spot on the weekend. 
Ed. N. 

Claude H.


Ryan R.

When somebody leaves their Nisserari, riders get curious. LOL!

That finger bike has been in the sun so long the rim is warped...or does the bike come like that and you have to true the rim??? 

Afterwards we went to S&M bikes headquarters for their Halloween party and thrasher car street session. BMXer's "flip" a Beemer...

S&M Bikes Halloween Party Junker Car Destruction. from FLATmode on Vimeo.

Macho Man and some other wrestler dude, had a match on the roof!

Lalo putting the sick child to good use!

Lalo took over. 

Jinkies! I found Velma!

Jem was truly outrageous!

The aftermath...


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