Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Session in Oahu. Back to Makiki Courts!

Quick combo from the last session at Makiki.

Mission to Wallows:

Loaded up the bikes in Kala's car and rolled out to find Wallows...

We found Wallows, but then water started pouring into the ditch so we had to peace out quick! Eeeow!

Back to the courts:
Last session at Makiki Courts.




I was really into checking out spots we don't have in Cali. Here's one called Zippy's.

Zippy's is all over Oahu!

Dave loaded up.

The teriyaki beef and rice was real good at the session.

I've been really busy since I got back, working and riding. The next post I'll show some other random stuff from the trip. Stay tuned....

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