Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hawaii - Random Things part 2.

Pali Mountain vista point with tour guide Kala.

There were tons of these little spots around Oahu where you could swim in clean ocean water.


Yo' boy, on duty, securing Hanauma Bay. All sorts of Ruckus was going down....LOL!

Just barely caught this xB-zee. the official flatland transport.

Here's an air quality comparison:

In picture one, (Los Angeles) a shot of the Hollywood hills from Studio City parking lot on a sunny evening. The hills are a few blocks away, but seem far 'cuz of the diffusion caused by smog.

In picture two, (Hawaii) Diamond Head, is farther away, but it looks like it must be a couple blocks. Crystal clear....

Lookin' for a new lab....


  1. Whoa is that your apartment there with the wood floor? that place is DOPE.

  2. Not yet. Just looking at some potential spots for the lab...