Thursday, June 30, 2011

Construction Work.

Bill Freeman getting work done at Studio City.

Photo by: Toño

Friday, June 24, 2011


AF THE NAYSAYER drops a lotta tracks in a lotta BMX videos you've seen and enjoyed. Now he's about drop the album! Check it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Los Angeles Street Swarm!

Yo, this is the rawest BMX events out there. I'm a flatlander, and I showed up to this event to represent. Street Swarm represents the core of BMX . I'm not sure why I didn't see anyone from the big Media Companies here. I also didn't see much attendance of Pros attending that live in the area. I guess everybody's too busy makin' money from corporate BMX comps to represent the roots of this culture....I mean, it's scenarios like Street Swarm that make BMX cool! It's the core BMX attitude, the freedom, it's what gets people into BMX.

Anyway, I captured some cellie photos of what went down at the lastest edition of Street Swarm.

BMXer's are swarmin'! Hear those freewheels buzzing!

Eric Hough designated the route through downtown LA and we hit up all the spots along the way. Take these foo'z to tha railz, Hough!

Two crazy foo'z hit this rail. LA Convention Center.

This foo' pulled it! Yeaaah!!!

Mike Robbins from Innertwine was filmin'

This didn't end well....ssssssss!

Eric Hough got hops! 50/50 stall to some back wheel, front wheel disco on top, then hop back down.

When security rolled up, we all rolled out! On to the next spot!

Now, who's gonna hit this....

He did! I missed the trick though, cellie photo delay...doh!

When this guy rolled up, everyone made fun of him....poor security. He wasn't trained to handle the Swarm!

We swarmed Macy's!

Security radioed for back up. When no one came to help, they sat back and pulled out their iPhones and started filming the action!

Hey, whaddya know, Bill Freeman was reppin' out there.

Last stop on the route! Product toss! Free parts! Free Parts!

A stoked organizer!

Game Over. Play again next time, playah!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

Da Regal!

The earlier years' models were more pimp, but somebody was flossin'!

The Regal Beagle!

What ever happened to your boy, Larry??

Monday, June 20, 2011

New Flatland Site from Australia.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the flatland scene in Oz!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

You wanna ride? We ride!

Saturday Zuma Beach session.

Mike's got turbine megaspins!

I'm working on getting this into a tight circle!

Todd is hitting the AM circuit and is 2nd in overall points! Watch out!

An inspiration for a whole new generation! There's no "I" in flatland....

Tight minis parked at the supermarket! First time I ever saw the cargo-mini!

Todd has massive OG skills. A yabba-dabba-doo! Two footed backyard!

You wanna ride? We ride....hit us up!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Da swap meet!

Down near Richard's place is the "swap meet", as he calls it. You can get all sorts of deals on all kinds of merchandise. We were in search of the elusive Nankai Bearings.

We found a bike shop that had the bearing size for $1 each!

The have all sorts of embroidery and t-shirt making shops at the swap meet. The Los Angeles female motto on display...

Richard is a self-proclaimed Pizza Connoisseur. Here he is with some Cousianos pizza and the bearings!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Warning: Tight Street Video.

I felt that this video encompassed more than just tricks on a bike, but also the attitude of having fun with your life. This attitude is something that you can apply even when you're off your bike...

ALONE - 8 Days of Hate from Sean Pointing on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snoop Dogg meets flatland....

Last Friday, Ahmed, Toño, and I did an Adidas commercial featuring Snoop Dogg. The set was up in the Malibu hills near the Zuma Beach riding spot. They were trying to capture the essence of a Southern Cali backyard beach house party.

We arrived on set, in full Nike gear, around 12:30pm! Hahaha!
Toño had his "cellie walkie talkie" to Peru in full effect!

Ahmed -"Where's the session at??"

Getting ready for a hilarious day...I told them on the phone we wear Nike! They had the wardrobe department in full effect, ready to get us draped in Adidas gear!

The house in the hills was tight. They had a pretty sick mini-ramp at the house and we sessioned the flat bottom.




Camera man.

They made this in-ground trampoline into a foam pit. A couple street riders jumped into it.

After the ramp and foam pit session, Snoop arrived. Here he is, rolling up on Ahmed for the pool scene....

Gettin' paid!

Toño in a good position. He ain't mad...

Now you know them flatlanders are the sheezy fo reezy!

Snoop doin' what he do best!

At night, outside Snoop's trailer...We were all set up to get a proper portrait shot with Snoop and the flatland riders, but then the assistant director told us he needed us for the night party scene.
Maaaaaaaannnn, always somethin'!!!!!

Snoop ended up coming back out during the night party scene and started freestylin' for us. It was pretty tight. I wanted to take more photos, but their cameras were rolling and we needed to act like we were at a party.

Here's what Toño had to say about the event.

FM: Did you ever think you would be on set with Snoop Dogg?

Toño: No never in my life hahaha!

FM: Do people listen to Snoop in Peru?
Toño: Yes, they do! A lot of people...

FM :Oh yeah? That's tight. How were the girls on set?
Toño: I only like 2 girls there. Hahaha! The girl of afro hair and the other girl with the white dress.

FM: Do you wear Adidas?
Toño: I did but now no...
FM: Hahaha!

FM: Did you jump in that foam pit?
Toño: Yesssss...... it was super cool, but not with my bike just me alone jajajaja!

FM: Sounds like you had fun!
Toño: yeaahh!!

FM: How has your visit to America been so far?
Toño: Really good ... the people are very amazing, the riders too!... it so cool. I like LA!

FM: Those girls were pretty hot!
Toño: Yeeeahhh! I like that too!.. and want one hahahaha!

So ends another episizzle of FlatMode!

Our boy, Chris McDonald, another skater on set, took this photo.