Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Energy Drink Talk with Chance!

Chance is the chancellor of energy drinks at Studio City parkinglot. He's probably in his chancellary, mulling over the latest energy drink released this week as you read this.

FM: I know you get a bunch of energy drinks. When did you start gettin' energy drinks?

Chance: Probably about 3 years ago when a bunch of them starting comin' out, beyond the redbulls and the monsters. So after a while I just decided to try the new ones. Every week I'll try a new one.

FM: One a week or something?

Chance: Yeah one a week, sometimes I'll cheat and have two....'cuz you know...

FM: Uh-huh...

FM: Are you keepin' track of all this? What's the best one?

Chance: That's a tough question...There's one called Cutting Edge. It's sort of a Monster knock comes in a quad sized can. It's only a dollar and it's like you get 4 energy drinks in one can for a full session of riding!

FM: Do you think it helps your riding?

Chance: Ummm...

FM: Do you get all jittery?

Chance: It keeps me from getting all burnt out, I guess. It's not magic or anything, but at least I won't be with no energy at all.

FM:Where do you get them?

Chance: I like Big-lots they have a rotating selection of new drinks. Sometimes 99cent store is good. If I walk in there and see somethin' I've never seen before, I'M ON IT!

FM:What happened with that Bob Marley one?

Chance: Oh, that's the one that made me mellow. People were bitchin' at me at work, so I came home and drank one to chill out. I didn't want to think about all that stuff...

There's a Quagmire energy drink, the character from the Family Guy.

FM:What was that other one, Judge Wapner...?
Chance: Yeah, I got that one at Rocket Fizz! They have every drink over there or they will have it!

FM:Are you going to start a blog about energy drinks?
Chance: I might want to do a shoot out. Make a chart showing everything from graphics to the vitamins and stuff.

FM: How many drinks have you tried? Just estimate.
Chance: Ah....sheeesh... about 50 so far. It's hard to say. I didn't count.

Chance: The other day I had a headache. I don't know if it was energy drink related, but you know it might be like caffine, when you stop doing it, you might get a headache. So maybe I should just cool it for the rest of the week.

FM: So would you consider energy drinks drugs?
....yeah.......yeah... a benign one though...
You might have to take an asprin if you quit the caffeine.

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