Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Los Angeles Street Swarm!

Yo, this is the rawest BMX events out there. I'm a flatlander, and I showed up to this event to represent. Street Swarm represents the core of BMX . I'm not sure why I didn't see anyone from the big Media Companies here. I also didn't see much attendance of Pros attending that live in the area. I guess everybody's too busy makin' money from corporate BMX comps to represent the roots of this culture....I mean, it's scenarios like Street Swarm that make BMX cool! It's the core BMX attitude, the freedom, it's what gets people into BMX.

Anyway, I captured some cellie photos of what went down at the lastest edition of Street Swarm.

BMXer's are swarmin'! Hear those freewheels buzzing!

Eric Hough designated the route through downtown LA and we hit up all the spots along the way. Take these foo'z to tha railz, Hough!

Two crazy foo'z hit this rail. LA Convention Center.

This foo' pulled it! Yeaaah!!!

Mike Robbins from Innertwine was filmin'

This didn't end well....ssssssss!

Eric Hough got hops! 50/50 stall to some back wheel, front wheel disco on top, then hop back down.

When security rolled up, we all rolled out! On to the next spot!

Now, who's gonna hit this....

He did! I missed the trick though, cellie photo delay...doh!

When this guy rolled up, everyone made fun of him....poor security. He wasn't trained to handle the Swarm!

We swarmed Macy's!

Security radioed for back up. When no one came to help, they sat back and pulled out their iPhones and started filming the action!

Hey, whaddya know, Bill Freeman was reppin' out there.

Last stop on the route! Product toss! Free parts! Free Parts!

A stoked organizer!

Game Over. Play again next time, playah!

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