Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ryan Russel is on his Grustle...

....That's his grind and his hustle!  Check these edits!

Here goes his grind...

And here goes his hustle...

Me and the Roommates In Costa Rica from Ryan Russell on Vimeo.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Matt Wilhelm Lands Hair Gel Sponsorship!

Matt Wilhelm just hit me up and let me know he's got a new sponsor, Pinhead Hair Gel.


FM: How did you come across this sponsor?

MATT: One of the main guys at the company hired me to perform at a charity event a year or two ago.  They really like the message I send at shows about perseverance and bullying.  It's cool that doing something positive for the community ended up also being something really positive for me too.  

FM: Do you have any projects lined up with Pinhead?

MATT: They are all about spreading the word about Flatland.  We are talking about setting up demos at some cool places and events to expose people to Flatland.

FM: Whats your favorite scent?

MATT: It's funny how I never thought of smell of my old hair gel.  Now I'm wondering why I would put something on my body that didn't smell good.  I'm currently digging the watermelon scent.

FM: Are you going to get your own bottle with a pic of you riding flatland?

MATT: That would be sweet, and I wouldn't rule anything out with this company because they have all kinds of ideas.  They also have some Smart Cars with mohawks on top that drive around the city.  It wouldn't surprise me if my picture showed up on a Smart Car one of these days. 

FM: Let me know if theres anything else you think would be important to know about getting this sponsor that other pros might find useful...

MATT: I think a lot of pros and companies kind of miss the boat on sponsorship opportunities in flatland.  If you are doing demos everyday and getting people psyched about riding then you don't have to be in the X Games to make a difference.  It's all about being positive and sending a positive message.  Just yesterday I had a full page article in the biggest newspaper in Chicago about my motivational speaking and performing.  Companies like supporting positive things for the community.