Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Checkin' in with Chance!

Chance was at Studio City and came across a bag in his cargo mini-van. The mysterious bag had half the collection of energy drinks he's been testing out over the years.

"All these drinks flowed through my digestive track to make me what I am today!" - Chance

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Freestylin' to the 80s!

80s Trix! 80s Flix! 
The 80s brought us a lot of cool stuff. I know a lot of you new riders weren't even around in the 80s, but this awesome thing you call flatland came from the 80s. It was called 'freestyle' back then. A whole slew of movies that became cult classics were also released. Here's a little tribute to the 80swith Todd Carter and Bobby Carter. 

One of the greatest Karate stories ever told takes place in the Valley. LOL!  So we set out to find the Kobra Kai Dojo....

We didn't have to go far. The Kobra Kai dojo is down the street from the Studio City parkinglot. 

"Pain does not exist in this dojo! Class, observe the Miami Hopper"

"You got some nerve old man, coming in my dojo when there's freestylers out front doing I-hops."


On to the next spot....Reseda!

Once we get to 88 mph we'll be in Reseda in no time...WAIT! What movie are we supposed to be covering???

We heard some kid named Daniel just moved to Reseda so we thought we'd drop by his place! 

We figured we'd let him know there are some other riders in town. He only has a cruiser, but that's OK. 

WATCH MOVIE REFERENCE:  Daniel Arrives in Reseda.

No one at the apartment building knew any "Daniel-San," but I heard that foo' threw his bike in the trash the other day.

"I hate this stupid bike!" LOL!

This dude named Mr. Miyagi had a maintenance room back here, but the land lord thought the area would have been better served as parking...

Yo' boy! Mista Miyagi!

Movie Reference: Daniel donates his bike to the Reseda Sanitary Engineering Department.

Well so much for Karate lessons, lets head down to Torrance to the Wizard Publications building. Once home to Freestylin' Magazine!

YOooooo... it's Nelson Kuo! 

Nelson lived a few blocks from Wizard Publications in the 80s! 

One of the greatest magazines ever printed was created in this building! 

Freestylin' was like a 'zine in magazine form. It used a lot of photo copied pictures in it's layout. Hence all the high contrast photoshopped images in this post. 

Check out Freestylin' Magazine's here: 

Get your flatland yoga on!

Check yo' boy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012