Sunday, March 21, 2010

Swarm the Streets! and Return of the Flatlanders

Swarm the streets is a street jam that happens once in while in downtown LA. Every each event has about 200 street riders and about 5 or 6 flatlanders in there representing. This time we had Ryan Russel, Chad Johnston, Ahmed Johnson, Vegas Mike, and myself out there, throwing down quick sessions at the various stops along the course.

After we finished swarming, it was still light out, so I drove by Studio City to see if anyone was there. As of matter of fact, Ed Nussbaum, Bo Wade, Jowii, and Richard Agauyo were out there, so I joined the session. Soon after the session gets underway, Shayne Kajehnoori blows up my cellie, saying that he and his crew will be back in LA, shortly. About an hour later, here comes Shayne, Darin Wright, Gabe Kadmiri, and Steven Hearne in the conversion luxury van.

These guys have linked up and are on tour around the US. They just spent the last few days in Norcal, checking out the redwoods, etc. Now they 're back in LA for a few days of sessioning until they roll out to Vegas.

After the session, I took these guys up to Griffith Park Obervatory where you can really see how expansive LA really is.....along with the rest of the universe.

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