Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Phoenix Trip: Part 1

Bill Freeman (inventor of the cliffhanger) wrote a long story about the Phoenix trip, so I'm going to post a couple paragraphs everyday with some photos. So stay tuned to FlatMode for daily updates.

It seems to me that once you have been riding flat for a few years

that traveling to ride in a different city is the ultimate experience

to be had. Richard has been getting the itch to hit up different

spots and check out other scenes for a while now. I love to travel as

much as I can. So after a few conversations and some logistical

difficulties, we came upon Arizona. I was the one who had suggested

it because, well I lived there for quite a few years therefore I know

the whole situation pretty well. The flow of riders there always

varies a little from time to time but there are plenty of homies in

the mix. I travel to Phoenix every few months, so I keep a couple of

bikes at my boy Billy's to avoid the whole traveling with a bike

thing. I get really sick of taking my bike a part all the time so

lots of spare/old parts ended up equaling a spare bike to ride. It is

a bit heavier than my more current setup, so it can take some getting

use to riding. It feels sloppy and a little like a beast. I have been

calling it the "dream machine" or scrapland bike. It IS more

convenient but certain tricks are damn near impossible to adjust to

and pull off on it in such a short time. I guess that is the trade

off. It sometimes is more about hanging out than just strictly

riding. - Bill Freeman

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