Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phoenix Trip: Part 2

It is Tuesday afternoon when Richard and I get into Sky Harbor.

If you want to feel the force of the Arizona heat July or August is

prime time to get exposed to it. It always takes me a few to get

reacquainted to it. Richard steps off the plane and gets blasted by

the instant oven feel and asks if that extra heat from the airplane

engines. I laugh and reply ahhhh nope you'll see, just wait until

we're out in it. Welcome to the valley of the sun.

Billy scoops us up and we head back to the house for all the

greetings and to get to building. Richard has to build up his ride.

I ordered a couple parts to try and aid in the lightening of the dream

machine. Aluminum pegs and axle nuts to replace the steel street pegs

and primo jewelz and also a quick pedal change upgrade. I also have a

pair of bars under my arm for Billy to replace the pair of broken bars

that he has on his bike. So we are all working on our bikes getting

prepared, joking around and catching up. All is about finished and we

have been getting hungary. Richard is topping off his tires with some

air and BOOM. He blows out the valve in his rear tire. DAMN, no

bueno!!! So we hit the bike shop to pick up a tube and then get a

quick little snack before we head out for our first AZ session.

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