Sunday, August 1, 2010

Phoenix Trip: Part 5 the final episode!

Brett and I have been chatting by email the last few weeks about

fuck trucks. I learned them a long time ago and only mess around with

them from time to time. There is actually a newer link that I want to

do that would feature the use of them proper, in my opinion. Anyway,

Brett has been the master of deathtruck for a really long time and he

felt like he needed a new way to ride in. So I have been trying to

give him some pointers. I told him that when Richard and I come out

that we will have to get that trick all sorted out. Brett has been

spending much of the session trying to get the timing and leg throw

down. So I roll over and we get down to the matter at hand. The

first part is mostly like a dumptruck. The real thing to over come is

the leg throw and the hand switching. Once you overcome that the only

obstacle left is the fear because once you can swing the leg and

re-grab then it is just a deathtruck again. The fear is what Brett

hadn't adjusted to just yet. It takes a few sessions on the dream

machine for me to really get a feel for riding it. So, deathtrucks

were feeling squirrely from the get go for me. I was getting into

them but I was having trouble steering them for some reason. So I

tried some regular dumptrucks and some double footed ones too. That

seemed to help align my situation pretty well and after about 4 or 5

tries I was able to swing my leg over the headtube and coast. Brett

and I were trading off. He would try one then I would try one. I did

some to no handed-one footed, double footed and I even did one and

scuffed around a little just for argument's sake. Brett was right

there with it. He was conquering the fear but not quite able to hold

on to coast. His main concern was that he was going to fall backward.

I told him that between the forward momentum and the leg kicking,

there is only a small chance of falling backward. By the end of the

session Brett was comfortable throwing his leg he needs to just learn

to readjust his body in order to coast. In due time folks, all in due


I find that no trip to Arizona is complete with out a trip to

Oregano's. It is a Pizza and pasta place, so after the session we

head over and get our grub on. You really can't go wrong with just

about anything on the menu, it is something that I always look forward

too. After the meal we top it off with a Pizza cookie. It is a

cookie baked in a small pizza type pan top with ice cream, oh yeah!!

It is getting late so we say our goodbyes and hop in the truck, roll

out and head back to PHX. Once we get back to the house the night

gets capped off with Hypnosis, Wheelies, and Balancing Act off the

Dorkin' box set. These videos are always inspirational and it is good

to watch them all in succession like that. I love the Chase part from

Balancing Act. But, I completely forgot about tons of links that both

Kevin and Chase did in all of those. Dope!

As it all comes to a close...

So it is Thursday morning the same old same for me. I am up by

9:00am. I hit the Internet, check my email, run through the usual. I

then take advantage of the time and jump on my cruiser and make a bee

line to get some donuts and an ice coffee again. I also stop by the

local record shop for a quick peak. I don't find any "can't pass up

deals" so I head back to the house.

Richard needs to break down his ride for the trip back. So, we

make sure we are all packed and showered up and ready to bolt. I told

Billy before that he needs to give Richard a little ride in his car.

Billy has a sick Firehawk. So they head out to pick up the banner

from the shop. Brunch on a Thursday and I am with it. Another spot

of interest is called Harlow's cafe. The menu is pretty brunchy,

something for everyone and the wait staff is a plus as well. Shortly

after our meal Billy gets Richard and I to the airport right on time.

LAX bound, and another great trip in the books. That about covers it.

Oh and for the record, within 15 minutes of me walking into my

apartment. I get a text from Brett. "Pulled it!" Nice one. I knew

he would get it sorted out.

-Bill Freeman

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