Monday, August 16, 2010

ASR: An Adventure in San Diego!

A couple of times a year, ASR (Action Sport Retail) trade show happens in San Diego, CA.

For three days, most of the major brands in skateboarding, surfing, and related lifestyles set up booths with their newest line of products for retailers to see. Sorry, there's no BMX at ASR. BMX is with the other "cyclists" at Interbike in Las Vegas. Since my business now includes more than just BMX, I had some business to take care of at ASR.

You know how we do at FLATmode! :-)

Of course, I brought my bike to San Diego for the weekend. Stephen Hearn and Gabe Kadmiri live down there and wanted to session. Richard also came down from LA on Friday to check out the show and session. Sam Proctor also made a short trek down from Oceanside.

Hungry ninjas need to eat. Plain and simple.

I won't bore you with the business details of the event, but I have to say that ASR is WAY better than Interbike.

Here are some highlights from the adventure:

Stephen and Gabe have quite a pimp loft in downtown San Diego, just down the street from the convention center. Everyday after the tradeshow we pedaled to the park behind the convention center for a session.

Posted up in Gabe and Stephen's loft right in the middle of downtown SD action!

The park behind the convention center is quite chill and right next to the harbor.

I got some badges for my fellow flatlanders so they could check out the show. ASR is 180 degree opposite of Interbike. Instead of button up shirt dudes discussing bike parts, each company brings a party to the show room floor. Djs, lights, and girls are all over the place and everyone has fun!

Stephen Hearn lost at ASR. He doesn't seem too bummed.

A notable point during ASR was the fashion show. Apparently this was the first time Richard, Gabe or Stephen had attended a fashion show.

L*Space was presenting their new line...

...and the boys were holding down the situation at the runway.

We will take this time at FLATmode to bring you a little video action from the floor..

The hotel where I stayed was kind of ghetto and had a dive bar. One night, I heard some ruckus in the bar and I went down to investigate. It was "rap/hip-hop" night and a bunch of local groups were performing. The first couple of groups were straight gangsta and they had their thugs in the crowd to back them up.

At one point, the MC says, "Put yo' hands in the air..." "Yeah, let me see y'alls gang signs!"
A grip of dudes start throwing all sorts of fingers up. It looked like I was a sign language convention. These dudes are real...everybody kept their cool though and I didn't have to get my hands dirty, regulating rival gangs. HAHA!

The last group of the night wasn't gangsta at all and were pretty good. They were more hip-hop than straight rap and they brought their whole crew on stage for a fun time.

So ends another adventure at FLATmode. The next tradeshow adventure will be at Interbike in September...

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