Saturday, November 27, 2010

Somebody's always trying to flex on you.

Rider: Jason Sison

It was a post Thanksgiving session going down at Anthem park. It was a 54 degrees F, a bit brisk! As soon as I snapped this cellie pict, somebody asked, "How long you guys been riding?"

I turned around and it was the 5-0. I said, "about 20 years."

"Incredible!" He responded, "but you guys have got to go. People are calling in saying people can't play basket ball out here."

First of all, the park was pretty much a ghost town, there were multiple courts and only one dude on another court on the other end playing by himself.

Secondly, NOBODY was waiting to play.

If someone actually did call in, they had nothing better to do with their life than look out the window and try to flex on us 'cuz they can't understand why two dudes are riding bikes on an already jacked up basket ball court.

Maaaan...somebody's always tryin' to flex on you.....

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