Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Venice Beach!

So I'm back again with another bangin' update!

Today we cruised to Venice Beach!
We rolled Sunet Blvd to the beach to avoid freeway traffic. Usually you expect to see Beemers, Benz, and Bentleys on Sunset, but you know...rock what you want to rock!

Taka gets a taste of Dogtown. (aka Venice Beach)

We sessioned Ocean Park 'til sundown.

This is November in Cali!

Afterwards we met up with John Ing and he took us to an Okonomiyaki restaurant called Ebisu.
This was my first time eating Okonomiyaki in a restaurant on this side of the planet.
It was tasty and I will be back at Ebisu again!

We closed the place out and decided to try out Taka's Back Wheel battle machine!

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