Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FlatMode 3000!

Early morning fuel for a day of riding!

We met up at Studio City for the FlatMode 3000 rally down to the Bellflower event.

Team 1: "XBz, yes indeezy!"
Bobby, Ben, and Taka.

Team 2: "One Love BMX"
Shayne, Darin, and JoWii-Z

Team 3: "Same Thing Daily"
Dane B.!

The event was fun in the end. Lalo tried his hardest to get a flatland event at a BMX event. Thanks Lalo!

Taka threw down one of the sickest back wheel links of the comp.

Rolled to "The Counter" after the event for some awesome gourmet hamburgers!

This is BMX.

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