Friday, March 25, 2011

Takashi Ito gets Married!

Legendary Flatlander and my personal friend, Takashi Ito ties the knot to Ayaha.
If you don't know who Takashi is, he was one of the first flatlanders from Japan to travel around to other countries to comps and to ride with foreigners. He was also one of the founders of the famous "King of Ground" flatland competition series in Japan. I got these photos from Hidenori Tanaka's Facebook.

His wife, Ayaha, is pretty cool. She showed us around the island of Okinawa when we were there. She is so funny!

Flatlanders usually ride at wedding parties in Japan!! It's tradition!

Takashi throws down.

York was on hand as well, representing.

Of course, Hiro Morizaki stays sucker-free on stage!

Check this clip of Takashi. He ruled foot pivots back in the day.

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