Sunday, January 9, 2011

Huntington Beach -Throwback Session!

Last Saturday I went to Huntington Beach to ride with John Ing.
I haven't ridden at HB for ages. Just driving there was a throwback to 11 years ago, when I first moved to California and this spot seemed to be the center of the flatland scene in Cali...and maybe even the world. Although it's peak was in the late 1990's there were still a lot of riders there in year 2000.

Bobby with a No-handed crossfooted hitchhiker in year 2000 and 2011!


HB was always a bit rough, but it was pretty flat. One day the city decided to repave it, but all they really did was smear some asphalt on top of what was already there. They didn't even bother to make it smooth. Thus, that was the end of the HB spot and most people started riding at the olympic pool in Long Beach.

You can see the uneven lines in the pavement still today. John still busts a backwards halfhiker.

Feeling the energy of all the riders that sessioned this place years before, we managed to pull off a few stunts and have a fun session!