Monday, January 3, 2011

Fat's been busy!

At the beginning of 2010 I was really motivated to ride flatland a lot, and I set a goal of filming a video section of myself riding flat. However, at some point in the year my focus shifted elsewhere and I stopped riding flatland as much as I had been. Even though I didn't film an entire video part, I was able to put together the six clips I managed to squeeze out and decided to post them up. Enjoy! -Fat Tony

Flatland BMX - Six Quick Clips With Fat Tony from Fat Tony on Vimeo.

Please check out Fat's Trip to East Africa:
My good friend Lindsay Matush and I went to East Africa for two weeks in the beginning of December, 2010. We both randomly filmed some video clips with our digital cameras throughout the trip with no real intention to use them for anything besides showing our friends when we got home. Once I returned I decided to edit the footage together using one of the songs we heard during a church service in Nairobi, Kenya, as the soundtrack.

In this video you will see traditional African dancing at a few churches and orphan children being fed at a banquet in Kigali, Rwanda, Banyamulenge refugees in Burundi excited to see us, giraffes from the Giraffe Manor and elephants from an elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, and a few other random clips.

My trip in a nutshell:
"My mind and heart have changed and grown in ways I may never be able to explain. And they will never be the same..." -Fat Tony

2010 East Africa Trip - Rwanda, Burundi, & Kenya from Fat Tony on Vimeo.

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