Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soulstyce- A Labor Day Session

Thanks to Lalo and Josh of Linq bicycles for hooking up the flatland session at "Soulstyce." Soulstyce is a hip-hop and arts festival at a place called Crazy Horse in West Covina on Labor Day. The Ganji crew was in town and everything was tight. The flatlanders had VIP access, free food and free drinks all day. They even had a trailer for us to chill in and the performances were free for the riders.

Bobby Carter

Bo Wade

Thanks, Lalo!

Mad Chillin'.

John Ing sets up for his "opener" with the photographer girl while Stephen Hearn contemplates the 7 paths of the cross-footed dragon.

Gabe Kadmiri was flossing his shoe lacing strategy.

They had rap battles and all sort of groups on stage outside.

On the inside stage, Dead Prez performed!

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  1. Wow Bobby, fantastic pics. Helping to set this up was truly my pleasure and I'm most happy that you all found a lot of enjoyment in it! The next show is scheduled for March 20th, I'll keep you all informed... LONG LIVE SOCAL FLAT!