Friday, September 10, 2010


I dropped my neighbor off at LAX airport the other day. I was hungry so I decided to eat lunch at the famous "Encounter" restaurant.
If you don't know Encounter restuarant, it is the Jetsons looking building in the middle of LAX. You can't miss it.

Flatland encounter.

As I waited for my lunch, little did I know that the inventor of the cliffhanger was standing 500 feet from the plane in this photo. Yes, Bill Freeman grinding for SouthWest. What! What!

The hamburger was just OK. I expected more for the price. However the interior is sweet! Looks like the Jetsons. I half expected R.o.s.i.e. to come out and serve me!

Anyway, they do have a bar and it would be a pretty cool place to chill with the homies!

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