Thursday, June 24, 2010

Special Guest Appearance: Ed Boniol

Last Thursday we had a special guest appearance, Ed Boniol
from San Francisco.

I headed down to Huntington Park to Richard's spot to join in the session!
Richard stands in front of his life motto at the riding spot!

Little did I know, but the Team Mexico Futb├│l fans were out in droves celebrating a World Cup Victory. Everybody was tooting horns and yelling and having a good time, so traffic was backed up around the riding spot.

Despite the time delay, we still got our ride on!

Tomahawk by Big Rich!

I dropped a few death moves.

Ed Flowed as usual on the back and front tire.

Richard, more high tech than nasa and nintendo put together, pulled out his trusty iphone and got these two clips from Ed....

Ed left some nor-cal spirit at the riding spot before embarking to the next stop on his journey!


  1. Lovin the first vid of Ed reminds me of an Anthony Durbano move sick skills,nice one guys Team Mutt haha

  2. Sick vids with Ed, been a few years since I saw him ride. Butters as always! Thanks rich and bobby, for posting this! flat mode!!!