Saturday, May 26, 2012

80sTrix! 80sFlix! : Real Genius

The other day the twins hit me up, "Carts we found CalTech, set of the movie 'Real Genius'!" 
Time for another episode of 80sTrix! 80sFlix!

'Real Genius' stars Val Kilmer as Chris Knight, head of a group of students building a high powered laser. Little did they know their professor was crooked and in cahoots with the government.
TRIVIA FACT: After watching this movie, the twins decided they wanted to go to college.

In the movie,  the name of the school was changed to Pacific Tech cuz Cal Tech didn't want to be associated with shady professors like Hathaway. Ren with the forkstand.
"Professor Hathaway I saw your program on radioactive isotopes. I have one question: Is that your REAL hair?"

The movie was shot on a bunch of different campuses around SoCal, including CalTech so we couldn't quite find any exact settings from the movie. Rod gets funky in front of a walkway that could have been in the movie!
Lazlo! Buddy!  

Bobby wih a Boomerang in the aforementioned walkway!

After cruising the campus for while, looking for artifacts from the movie, we started taking some photos of the new architecture on campus. Rod at the helm.

It wasn't long before special forces put a halt to our operations. Security came to flex.

All these photos were taken with a small point and shoot camera. There must have been 30 people around the campus taking photos.  Security was closing in, so i posted up next to this dude with a big DSLR professional camera and took a picture of this fountain.

Security: "We can't have you guys doing tricks and taking photos. You got a picture permit?"

Me: "WHAT?!"

Security: "You gotta have a permit if you want to take pictures."

They didn't say squat to the professional camera dude who scurried off real quick or the 30 other people taking photos and riding bikes around campus, they just flexed on us. Haters gonna hate...

Anyway...we found Val Kilmer. He's still riding. He's keeping it real on the underground though!

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