Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chad Johnston on the S&M Pro Team!

Chad Johnston is now on the S&M Pro team. Check the video and mini-interview to follow!

Chad Johnston - Welcome from S&M Bikes on Vimeo.

FM:How long have you been working with S&M and how did the opportunity to be on the pro team come about?

Chad:Since around 2008. McKinney has been talking to me about it for a long time before that though. I was flowed an LAF, then a LTF. I filmed some stuff on that bike and then we started talking about a signature frame then the Pro team promotion followed.

FM: Do you have to enter contests again now that you're on the pro team?

Chad: Nah, contests aren’t mandatory. As it is in flatland now if you want to get noticed you have to compete, even if it’s not your thing. Stoked to be with a crew that doesn’t put anything on contests. It will be good when more realize that they’re only a small part of the BMX lifestyle.

FM: Are there any other flatlanders on the pro team and/or flow team?

Chad: Not on the Pro team, there are a few guys on the Flow team and a few others getting some parts flow.

FM: What kind of projects have you been working on with S&M that flatlanders should know about?

Chad: The frame, bars and stem are currently in production. We’re working on a few different sizes and details but other than that, just riding now. Maybe more parts down the road.

FM: How's your shop, Neighborhood BMX, going? Plug your info so we know where to go if we are in the LBC!

Chad: It’s going good. I’ve been focusing on riding now that the shop has gotten a little more dialed. I just do the accounting/book work from home and go into the shop a few times each month.

The shop address is 2319 e7th St. Long Beach, Ca. 90804

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