Sunday, May 15, 2011

"RUM97-05" Video.

One of my all time favorite videos from Japan, "RUM97-05", really captures the true essence of flatland at it's core. Dudes busting out and evolving. I found this clip on you-tube. It's the last part of the video with a guy named Takaaki that stayed away from comps and just worked on dope tricks with Akira.

I remember showing this video to Eugene Collins when he was visiting the lab. He was was going nuts over the video and when the Takaaki section came on, it was like he was witnessing a rare phenomenon...especially when Takaaki was going for the cliffhanger with both feet on the bars. "NOOoooooOooOo...!!!", Eugene screamed. "He's doing the Paraglider!!!!!!!!!!!!" The mythical trick that no one has seen performed, only imagined and spoken of...

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