Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tsutomu Kitayama visits LA!

Who's in the LAB? Tsutomu's in da LAB!

Tsutomu decided to pay a visit to Los Angeles on his way back to Japan from the Jomo Pro comp in Joplin, Missouri.

Time for a tour. We decided to take Tsutomu through Beverly Heeelzzzzz!

Tsutomu on Rodeo drive!

Tsutomu checking out options for a new whip!

Just waiting for the paperwork...maybe he'll get a discount.

The next day we hooked up with Jeremy Pavia from BMX Plus! Magazine for the photo shoot!

This photo says it all....

Saddle Ranch is never dull after long day of work!

Neighborhood BMX shop in LBC

The Boss: Chad Johnston

Venice Beach
He caught up with Jesse on the boardwalk.

Jesse showed us his new trick!

I was getting sick so I left Tsutomu to party all night with Jesse before going to the airport for Japan. Tsutomu mata ato de ne!!!!!

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