Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Legend of Ralphs.

Some of you may be wondering what's this Ralphs place all about? What's the story???

Rumor has it that a street rider named Robert Granado found Ralphs and let the riders know of the spot.
Those who have only been in the game for 7 years or less missed Ralphs back in it's golden age, (1999-2003). Just about everyone in the LA area would drop by Ralphs at one time or another. Actually, people from all over the world would drop by. Alex Jumelin, Kotaro Tanaka, Michael Steingrabber, and others came through. In recent times, I heard Matthias D. rode there. Since then, the riders have migrated to other spots, Studio City, North Hollywood Park, Rose Garden, etc. Here's some classic footage from Ralphs' golden era from an Intrikat video called "Connect."


Stephen Cerra @ RALPHS

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  1. I remember spending hours at the Ralphs sub garage. It was amazing and I'm lucky to have been there.