Saturday, October 16, 2010

End of Vegas...we met UFOs!

Yeah, I'm slow to post, but at least I'm posting... So here are some final random pictures from vegas and our encounter with some UFOs.
The former Ganji headquarters. A. Kha$h and D. Wright.

This was a an art piece in front of the park where we sessioned in Vegas.

The Session. Innertwine is shooting for a new video. Check for it soon!

On the way home we ran into aliens! You do realize where flatland comes from???

This dude was stoked to see some peeps using flatland technology on earth!

Yo, don't forget your BMX alien license!

JoWii-Z brings the pain. Ain't no half-steppin!

JoWii-Z pullin' jack moves on fooz!

Peace out, homie!

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