Monday, October 25, 2010

Chad Johnston co-owns a bike shop in LBC!

Chad Johnston and Aaron Bostrom made a joint effort to open a BMX shop in Long Beach called Neighborhood BMX shop.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I went to Florida!

OK, so I made a quick trip to FL for a few days for family purposes, but also did some riding as well. So here are some picts of the awesome riders of Orlando. Thanks to all the riders that came out to session!
Mitchell Hall.


Chris Babin.


Marcos "Pigi" Paulo de Jesus

Marcos rides for a Brazilian company called Master Bikes. He turned Orlando into Master City!

The main beach spot!

Stoops said he is representing for Bob Walters in this photo.

Stoops spinnin'!

Stoops with a cliffhanger link.

Mike Evans spins this with his foot on the pedal. Sick!

Marcos at his dream job.

Check this Video that Mitch Hall made.
SickChild meets Master bikes!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

End of Vegas...we met UFOs!

Yeah, I'm slow to post, but at least I'm posting... So here are some final random pictures from vegas and our encounter with some UFOs.
The former Ganji headquarters. A. Kha$h and D. Wright.

This was a an art piece in front of the park where we sessioned in Vegas.

The Session. Innertwine is shooting for a new video. Check for it soon!

On the way home we ran into aliens! You do realize where flatland comes from???

This dude was stoked to see some peeps using flatland technology on earth!

Yo, don't forget your BMX alien license!

JoWii-Z brings the pain. Ain't no half-steppin!

JoWii-Z pullin' jack moves on fooz!

Peace out, homie!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FlatMode, Vegas Edition continues...


The main event during Interbike is the NORA Cup Awards. This year they got the flatland category correct and Moto Sasaki won. Martin Aparijo was presenting for flat. Who's that? CLICK HERE to meet the chairman!

The LA crew repping on the ground floor!

Vegas Mike and Tall Eric! METAL FACE!!

The rider formerly know as Vegas Mike gets down to his favorite Drake track!

Bird's Eye view of the shin-dig!

For some reason the crowd went crazy over Doyle. He got mobbed on stage.

Interesting after hours activities...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

InterBike Show Room Floor.

Interbike isn't known for having a whole lot of flatland parts on display, but there were a few.
So, now you're probably wondering. Did these guys actually go to the showroom floor?
Yup. We were there.

Some Highlights.

S&M had a rail jam and allowed flatlanders to session. So officially, it was the first flatland jam on the showroom floor ever. Thanks, S&M!

A. Kha$sh

C. Johnston

R. Russel.